12 Reasons to Start Using Time Management Software Right Now

15 July 2016 > General,

Ever thought about using time management software in your business but you just weren't 100% set on it? Take a look at these 12 reasons why you should be using it in your business today.

1. Keep your staff on track.

Does this sound familiar? Your team is busy with so many projects on the go, yet sometimes staff can be unaware of where to go next or of that urgent upcoming task.

By using time management software, you can empower your team to take ownership of their workload. They will be able to enter the time taken on each task and see how they are performing. If they are using time tracking software they will be able to see all the jobs or tasks that are in the queue so they’ll always know what they need to be doing next, and they will be able to get on with their job.

2. Improve your quotes and estimates.

Get off on the right foot with your clients by producing accurate quotes and estimates. By keeping accurate measurements of how long jobs take you can produce reports based on certain types of jobs or tasks to ensure you know how long a job will take based on past job duration.

3.Bill clients for the work that has been done – no more guessing.

Not only does time management software make your team’s job easier, your clients will thank you too.

With software like TimeTrak Mobile, your staff can enter their time directly from client sites, they can check in and out, add materials, and check client or job information all from their chosen device. There is no more guessing or trying to remember what time you got to a client site or what time you finished the job. Simply do it all on your mobile or tablet while you’re there and it’s done. Next job please.

4. Streamline the billing process and reduce administration time.

No more paperwork! That could just be it for this point but let’s elaborate. No more paperwork means your admin team will spend less time rifling through reams of paper that your field staff bring back to the office, trying to find the right piece of paper whether it be their time, quotes, or an invoice from a client site, and speaking of which – which client was that for again?

Using time management software, your field team can enter in their time, quotes, invoices, and materials on their mobile devices, and this in turn gets sent direct to the admin team. Use one platform to manage quotes, estimates, timesheets, materials and invoices significantly reduces the time and frustration it takes for you admin team to complete this process.

Be calm… there’s no more paperwork!

5. Prioritise tasks and see job status at a glance.

It can be difficult to keep on top of your entire team, to see where tasks or jobs are at, to make sure that the right jobs or projects are being prioritised, and to ensure that it is all going smoothly. With time management software, you can simply login and open the job or task, and with a quick glance you can see the job status.

Narrow down your view by looking into certain departments, staff members or the type of job, so that you can see exactly what is happening in your business.

And the best part? If your software is web-based, like our TimeTrak Suite, you can access this data anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

This allows you to manage your company, follow up with team members or escalate a task from anywhere in the world.

6. Track time and materials across different devices.

If your team consists of people who work remotely, out on site or even across the other side of the world, they will be able to quickly and accurately enter their time, no matter their location or what they’re doing. Everyone can have access to an instantly updating system from any device.

7. Is it time to increase your rates?

How do you know when it’s time to raise your rates? Using the data you’ve collected from your time tracking software, you can take a look at the time spent on each task and the charge-out rates associated with each staff member.

Time management software offers you the visibility you need to see every aspect of your business, allowing you to keep an eye on if your jobs, tasks or projects are returning a profit. It’ll give you insights such as needing to adjust your pricing or jobs you are putting too much effort into that just aren’t paying off. Track the time spent on these jobs and use time tracking and reporting software to analyse it all.

This data will give you an indication of the profit you gain from each job and if you are pricing your services accurately. If not, it’s time to crunch the numbers and make some changes.

8. Review the performance of your team.

Using real data when your annual performance reviews approaches, can be a great way to discuss specific data. You can pull numbers on individual employees and how they compare to the rest of the team, and use these figures to discuss during their review.

It is also useful to see how the performance of your team is progressing, and this can in turn help to identify strengths and weaknesses that can be worked on.

There is no need to solely rely on time as the main factor when judging performance, as it is only one of many factors. The quality of work and how value is delivered to clients are also of vital importance.

9. Identify areas for improvement.

You are able to use time management software as a tool when looking into the productivity of projects. You can look to areas and tasks that take longer amounts of time relative to each project, if each member of your team is struggling with a timeframe for a certain task, it might be indicating that a process needs to be adjusted.

10. It presents a professional face.

It’d be a day similar to hell freezing over when clients don’t ask questions like: what’s the status of my job? Where in the process are we? Who is leading this stage?

Pull reports, back up your explanations with real data and keep your customers happy and informed. Having time tracking software you will be able to answer even the most obscure queries.

11. Are any of your staff over-extending themselves?

Quite often you will find that certain members of your team are more prone to putting their hands up for more projects than others. For some, this is a habitual problem because they like to help out, and for others it can happen occasionally during busy periods as projects mount up.

But sometimes, once these jobs or projects are lined up and the person realises that they may have bitten off more than they could chew and they feel like it is too late to back out.

With time management software, you can keep an eye on the allocated work, enabling you to easily see who is assigned to what, and how many tasks each person is working on. This will assist you with the over-extension problems before they become an unstoppable beast.

12. Reward excellence.

One of the primary concerns for people who are not used to tracking their time as part of their jobs is that by clocking in their time it will make them look as though they are slacking off. Usually, the opposite is true.

An accurate log of hours that a person has worked enables you to see at a glance when and where the good work is being done and to reward accordingly. You can see what targets are being hit, how often, or incentivise your staff with a time-based challenge.

The main advantage of using time management software in your business is that through the recording of so much data it will enable you to make better business decisions. 

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