Job Assist

This application is designed for workshop environments using MYOB EXO Job Costing where the staff pick stock from a store and need to assign it to a job. Job Assist is a quick and easy program to use that supports barcode scanning, allowing you to scan the parts from the store straight onto the job.

It can warn you if, by assigning the part to the job, this will generate a re-order requirement, as well as being able to check to see if the part has been assigned to the job before. It can also determine the billable behaviour required for the job.


  • Supports barcode scanning, scan part from store straight to job
  • Ability to warn you if there is a re-order requirement
  • Determine behaviour required for job


  • $995.00+GST per MYOB EXO database.
  • 24% annual license fee based on current retail price

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