Remote Console

Remote Console is an application that allows an organisation to connect remotely to the servers, desktops, routers and firewalls in their care - managing the connections within the database that the organisation uses.
This dynamic application logs the time spent logged into each site for tracking and billing details, as well as preloading VPN connections before running the connection program, making it quick and easy to connect to remote sites.

All major VPN clients are supported - including centralised Windows VPN Phonebooks. Remote Console has an offline mode where users can store a copy of the centralised database on a laptop or remote PC. This database is encrypted and still requires authentication against the central database to gain access.


  • Remote access connections allows users to login remotely to their servers or those of their clients
  • Supports all major VPN clients
  • Gives the ability to store a copy of the database on a laptop or remote PC, so you can use it when you're away from the office
  • Logs time spent logged into each site for tracking and billing details


  • Accessible - can be used on any PC device with Remote Console installed
  • Flexible - allows you to work both online and offline
  • Secure - a secure, comprehensive remote support solution that allows IT pros to help end-users.


  • Citrix & RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) Clients
  • Remote Administrator (
  • VNC (all versions)
  • Telnet - allows you to choose the application
  • Internet Explorer & Ping
  • VPN Connections
  • PC Anywhere
  • DameWare Remote Mini Control


  • $1495.00+GST for server license + 5 user licenses.
  • $95.00+GST per additional user
  • 24% annual license fee based on current retail price.

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