Case Study

Unidata Pty Ltd

Australia’s leading Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Measurement Company


Unidata are specialists in the design, manufacture, supply and support of products and solutions for environmental monitoring and industrial measurement. They have been producing innovative, reliable and cost effective technologies for the global monitoring and measurement market for over 20 years.


To fully excel in this tough market, Unidata require reliable and effective business processes that ensure their staff are completing tasks and duties in the most efficient time possible. In 2010, Ines Mikulic – Production, Purchasing and Inventory Manager at Unidata – approached Exosoft with interest in the time management product, TimeTrak. With three separate types of time management, TimeTrak suits the needs of Unidata’s extensive requirements – production/manufacturing jobs (simple time tracking), support jobs (accumulative time tracking), and R&D jobs (annual accumulative time tracking).


Since implementation, they have experienced improved visibility and accuracy of tracking time spent on individual or group jobs/tasks/projects, improved job transparency and prioritisation, and enhanced overall efficiencies. Some of the features of TimeTrak that work best for Unidata include simple time entry and transfer to the jobs, and the ability to create sub-tasks at the task level eliminating the need for creation of the additional jobs via MYOB. 

As they are such a busy company in a fast-paced industry, Unidata require a business partner with proactive updates and support. “Follow-up on any enquiry and general response times from Exosoft are of a very high standard. We would most definitely recommend TimeTrak to others”, Ines mentions. With this software installed for their business, Unidata has found that this product has made it much more efficient in time recording processes.


Unidata Pty Ltd