Healthcare Businesses

Job management solutions from the office to your medical practitioners out and about.

With features designed specifically for the healthcare industry, such as award interpretation, you can leave TimeTrak to manage overtime. It will allow you to dramatically reduce time spent on payroll tasks.

Keep your team on track with TimeTrak

With hectic schedules, jobs coming in each day, recurring appointments that come up weekly or monthly, plus the need for your team to be solely focused on assisting as many patients as possible, let TimeTrak manage the tricky stuff, leaving you to get on with the rest.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in keeping your healthcare business up and running smoothly. Let TimeTrak help to reduce double entry of data, keep your team safe and on time, and minimise the time spent chasing your team for their paperwork.

TimeTrak provides real-time communication of job information eliminating paperwork, streamlining processes and improving productivity and profitability. Schedule a wide range of comprehensive features that will help you work smarter and improve the service you offer.

Manage staff schedules with ease

TimeTrak simplifies how you manage your team of health professionals.

Improve the health of your business with TimeTrak

Using a job management tool like TimeTrak, your business can prosper with increased revenue, more productive staff members, and a safer environment.