This dashboard provides an overview of all tasks within TimeTrak and the ability to filter by Group and status of the task.

Groups – This display’s the count of open tasks assigned to groups within TimeTrak.
Task Status – This displays the count of active task statuses within TimeTrak.
Task List – This displays the tasks based on the group and status filtering selected.

This grid gives you the ability to filter down to specific groups or tasks statuses.
This will filter the task list at the bottom depending on what is selected.

For example, to see only jobs in the group Field Staff. Simply click on the field staff group.

We can now see there are 15 tasks in progress, and 2 tasks not started.
The task list at the bottom is now filtered to the 17 tasks.

We can filter this down even more to see only tasks under a certain status as per below:

At any time, you can click on the Task ID column to open the task.