This graph is designed for MYOB Exo Clients and provides an overview of invoiced revenue.

The top row consists of available filters to filter data.
Customer Group

The year filter can also be used to select a certain year

Data in the drill down filter is reflected base on the primary filters (if set) and revenue of these from invoicing.
You can double click on a branch to get a more detailed view of which clients spent X amount in the year or years.

In this example we have selected the branch Christchurch, which will filter the year filter to show only data from Christchurch. We can see the two years 2017 and 2023.

By hovering the year dates we can see the total revenue per year.

We can double click on Christchurch to see the breakdown of revenue.

If we would only like to see the 2023 breakdown of revenue, we can click on the 2023 year filter.