OHS and Compliance

Automate and manage your OHS and compliance processes with TimeTrak.

Your team can quickly and easily perform risk assessments, complete JSAs, adhere to safe work procedures and follow predefined compliance checklists.

Custom compliance forms and safety checklists

Your business can create custom compliance forms, checklists and assessments that suit your specific business. These can be easily retrieved and completed by your staff from the field or the office.

To ensure that your team are safe in their roles, checklists can be completed. These can be conditional meaning that they open up more or bigger questions depending on how the previous question was answered.

Field Mobility

TimeTrak offers a complete portable OHS and compliance solution as it can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet. TimeTrak’s automatic notifications and alerts let staff and management back in the office know immediately if any issues or incidents arise while your teams are working in the field.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time, company-wide risk management
  • Reduction in accidents and injuries
  • Centralised and easy-to-use OHS system
  • Massive reduction in OHS & compliance documentation
  • Automatic notifications and alerts
  • Cut training costs


OHS and Compliance Products