Time Management with TimeTrak

Take the stress out of staying on top of time management by cutting down on manual processes.

TimeTrak is flexible job and time management solution with the ability to track and record the time your team spend on jobs, regardless of if it is in a professional office or on a client site.

Spend less time on recording and billing time, and more on the job at hand.

Your staff can efficiently allocate time against jobs wherever they are. Time is recorded in real-time against a timesheet and is also recorded directly against a job. This dramatically increases billable hours and staff productivity.

Customer or staff specific rates

With TimeTrak, you can customise which rates apply to whom. Specific rates can be allocated to a job, a staff member or a client. Depending on the type of work the user has selected, helps to select the rate to be used.

It can also be that specific rates are allocated to jobs based on the client for which the work is being performed.

Time logged into a timesheet or against a job can automatically take into account any overtime owed to the field technician.

Payroll Integration

With payroll integrated timesheets, TimeTrak reduces time spent on completing wages. This allows your payroll officers to complete wages in a timely manner, using real-time information. TimeTrak removes frustrations, paperwork and the huge amount of time it can take to complete this process.

Streamline how your team works both in the office and in the field.

On-the-go software

Field technicians can enter their time as they complete jobs – no matter where they are. This eliminates paper work, improves efficiency as well as billing accuracy and leads to increased profits for your business.

Clock on Clock off

With TimeTrak, teams in the trade and service industries can essentially log in and out of a work day with this feature. Service coordinators can track when remote staff start and finish work days without punching in a card at the office.

Mobile users check in to jobs in the morning so they can save their time and disbursements against jobs. Using the clock on feature the rest of their time can automatically populate when they clock out for the day.

This feature allows your field staff to record the full number of hours worked with a simple click of a button. Users can enter their time and materials against individual jobs and the clock on clock off feature automatically fills in the time around logged jobs. This reduces the time your team have to spend entering non-productive time into their calendars.

Clock on workgroups

Clocking on and off for workgroups works in the same way as it does for individuals, except Team Leaders are able to clock their entire workgroup on and off for the day rather than each worker entering the same time.

Increased profits

With better visibility and control of processes and workflow comes increased profits and productivity.

Using TimeTrak, teams are able to enter their time online. This reduces the amount of paperwork to be done and double entry of data. With field staff not having to return to the office between jobs or at the start and end of the day, it can increase billable hours.