Display your data the way you want, export or view grids where you need to, and simplify how you work.

EziView gives you the ability to create custom data grids that can be attached to any table or viewed in any database. It is an easy to use product that allows end-users to simplify their data entry, reporting and graphing. It is designed to be easily configurable and manageable to all users.

This product allows you to reduce admin time and costs with scheduled reports. These reports can be emailed to you on a recurring basis, and can easily generate reports whenever you need them.


  • Add and edit data from the grid
  • Add and save grid grouping and filters
  • Create custom fields within the grids
  • Simultaneously connect to and report from multiple databases or sources
  • Import and export grid layouts
  • Create grid pivot tables flexible reporting
  • Print WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) reports