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Do you have an Accounts Payable headache?

  • You process 200 - 5,000 or more invoices per month
  • Invoices are entered manually, taking time and allowing costly errors to appear
  • Processing takes so long you don’t have good visibility of where you are at financially
  • You have business building tasks not being done because the staff that could do them are fully occupied processing invoices

Paying invoices is a necessary and expensive part of running a business.

It can’t be avoided, but it can be up to 80% faster, free from keying errors and most importantly, significantly cheaper.

When you are processing hundreds of invoices every month with multiple steps in the process, of course it’s slow and costly. Thankfully now businesses of all sizes can access automated invoice processing, previously only available to the very large scale corporations.

Introducing Fetch – An automated Accounts Payable solution which will fix your headache

Faster processing means

  • Saving up to 80% of the current cost of invoice processing
  • Constant visibility of your financial position in Real Time
  • Taking advantage of early payment discounts
  • Avoiding late payment penalties

Automated processing means

  • Reduced (or even no) costly errors to fix
  • Invoice items are coded straight to your General Ledger in your accounting software
  • Fraud protection

Digital processing means

  • No need to keep paper copies of invoices, and you can keep as many copies of your invoices as you like in multiple locations
  • Performance is improved over time as Fetch learns about the types of invoices it sees
  • You can easily find any invoice as they are stored as fully searchable PDFs
  • Be audit-ready with legally compliant file storage that you can keep for 7 years

You might be surprised at how much paying an invoice costs you!

Based on research, the average cost in New Zealand to process and pay an invoice varies from $2.90 to a whopping $90! The average is $15.

It costs a business processing 500 invoices per month @ $15 per invoice $7,500 per month ($90,000 per year) to pay them.

Fetch can save you up to 80% of this cost.

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