Job Budget Client Summary


Report Parameters:

  • Client: Select the applicable client you wish to run the report for
  • Jobs: By default only the first 100 jobs display, you can include closed jobs by enabling this.

There is an option to select All jobs, or select multiple jobs to run the report for by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the jobs you wish to run the report for before clicking Generate Report.

This is a legacy report written into the TimeTrak website which is unable to be adjusted.

This is a great report to review job budget hours, actual and invoiced values as per below:

At the top of the report there is additional tick box options:

  • Show Hours: This is enabled by default in order for the hours as well as dollars column to display.

The hours column is the sum quantity of all job quote lines set to copy to T (time)

The $$ column is the sum of all copy to T lines sell value.

  • Include jobs without budgets: When this is enabled jobs that do not have any labour quote lines that were selected within the parameters also display.

View a sample report.