Job Task Summary


Report Parameters:

This report is only available to run via the Tasks > Report tab.

  • Client: Search and select the applicable client.
  • Job: By default only the first 100 jobs display, you can include closed jobs by enabling this.

There is an option to select All jobs or select multiple jobs to run the report for by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the jobs you wish to run the report for before clicking Generate Report.

This is a legacy report written into the TimeTrak website and is unable to be adjusted.

This report has the ability to export to other file types, clicking the columns will order the data accordingly.

This is an interactive report where new tasks can be added via the “add task” icon in the top right hand corner. The client will be passed in automatically on the new task form.

Parent/ Child tasks can also be expanded and collapsed.

As per above, this report also displays total hours recorded at the specified billable status by having billable status columns display on the end of the report.

View a sample report here.