Management Report by Client


Report Parameters:

  • Group: All groups (the logged in user has access to) or select one group.
  • Users: All users from the selected group(s) or select one user.
  • Start Date: Date you would like to run the report from.
  • End Date: Date you would like to run the report until.

This is a legacy report written into the TimeTrak website which is unable to be adjusted.

This report is very similar to the Management report, but instead of being grouped by users the tasks are assigned to it is grouped by clients.

This is a task-based report for businesses using the TaskTrak module within TimeTrak to display a breakdown of tasks grouped by clients.

The User assigned to the task, task description, Id, Age of task, task status, task type, task priority, task due date  estimated, actual, scheduled and remaining times are all displayed, as per below.

At the top of the report there is additional tick box options.

  • Show Task Description: When enabled the task description will display underneath the task.
  • Hide Recurring Tasks: When enabled recurring tasks will not display on the report
  • Filter by Lead Provider: When enabled a lead provider can be selected in the drop down selection to display only tasks where the lead provider is specified against the client or job.
  • Use Simple View: When enabled the report will be reduced to display only client, user the task is assigned to, task title, task id and task age columns.
  • Show Job Details: When enabled two additional column’s Job Code and Job Title will display to show details of the job the tasks are assigned to.

This report has built-in functionality providing the ability to create a new task via the “new task” icon at the top of the report that will pop the new task window, as per below:

The Job Code, Job Title, Task and Task ID fields can also all be clicked to open the task detail form in Professional, as per below:

View a sample report here.