Clock On/Off Report Specs


Report Parameters:

  • Group: All groups or select one group.
  • Start Date: Date you would like to run the report from.
  • End Date: Date you would like to run the report until.

Clock On/Off functionality was introduced to TimeTrak Mobile from version 3.2.40 as per below:

This was further enhanced by adding the ability to specify “Clock On Down Time” from a non-billable time analysis code (see below).

This means if the user clocks on at 8am and clocks off at 5pm, any time in-between that has not already been recorded will be filled with the “Clock On Down Time Non-Billable” time analysis code specified against the user’s profile.

This is particularly helpful in workshop-type environments where users record time against the job they are working on while “clocked on”, however any time not recorded at the end of the day should automatically go to an “Internal Systems” or “Workshop” non-billable time entry to prevent the user needing to manually do this each day.

From version 19.3.22 if Google Maps functionality is enabled in Mobile, upon clock on/off the geolocation of the user is stored.

This report provides the ability to show information of clock on and off for all users in the selected group(s).

The results display the date and time of clock on and off, the user who submitted it, and a link to Google Maps when it got submitted.

It would be best to run the report via Professional since the hyperlink will open a new tab to show the location.

This report is not enabled by default but is available to be imported, as per below:

This report has been designed in the inbuilt TimeTrak Report Designer (not built into the website) meaning once the report parameters have been submitted there is the ability to print the report, as well as export the report to another file type including an Excel spreadsheet.

Reports designed in the inbuilt TimeTrak Report Designer can be customised to meet your requirements – you can discuss this with the TimeTrak support team:

These reports can also be setup as scheduled events and emailed to specified email addresses on a scheduled basis as per below: