Modified Posted Time Entries


Report Parameters:

  • Start Date: Date range you would like to run the report for

This report is designed for versions of TimeTrak 21.3 onwards to provide an “audit” of time entries that have been deleted/edited after they have been posted through to job costing with the introduction of the below new settings:

The report will display all time entries that have an activity against them after the date/ time they were exported.

In this example, the following Time Entries were posted;

Amendments were made as follows:

These modifications appear in the Modified Posted Time Entry report;

It is important to note that disbursements are not included in this report as they do not have an activities record like time entries.

Not all activities, such as updating the narration, are logged in activities, so they will not be displayed in the report, but the majority of the activities do.

The list of activities that get added if the item has changed for a time entry are as follows,

  • User
  • Status
  • LabourCode
  • CostGroup
  • CostType
  • Rate
  • Task
  • StartTime
  • End Time

Further amendments were made to represent some of the other changes above that will be recorded:

These also pull through to the report;

Note: This report has been designed in the inbuilt TimeTrak Report Designer (not built into the website) meaning once the report parameters have been submitted, there is the ability to print the report and export the report to another file type, including an excel spreadsheet.

Reports designed in the inbuilt TimeTrak report designer can be customised to meet your requirements – you can discuss this with the TimeTrak support team:

These reports can also be set up as scheduled events and emailed to specified email addresses on a scheduled basis as per below:

View a sample of the report here