Tip: Create a time entry or appointment over multiple work days

In TimeTrak 4, there is now the ability to create time entries or appointments over multiple work days against a single job, task or leave type.

11 December 2017

Tip: Minimum Charge Disbursements

Does your company have a minimum labour charge that is calculated either by value or by duration? TimeTrak can take care of these calculations for you.

This tip of the week will take you through the set up required to bill a minimum charge via duration or value.

07 December 2017

CRM Features in TimeTrak Mobile

TimeTrak Mobile now integrates with MYOB Exo's CRM module, allowing users to create Prospects and Opportunities. Against those Opportunities, the TimeTrak Mobile user can create Opportunity Quotes and email those Quotes to clients while out in the field.

21 November 2017

Queues in TimeTrak

A new feature of TimeTrak 4.0 is Queues. Queues will allow users to see upcoming work organised with filters. Queues are visible in both TimeTrak Professional and TimeTrak Mobile.

20 November 2017

TimeTrak 4.0 - User Setup

As the staff come and go TimeTrak will need to be updated to reflect that. A user with the Global Administrator permissions will be able to log into the TimeTrak Admin Console and either delete a user or add a new user.

07 November 2017

Controlling Job Visibility within TimeTrak

This Whitepaper will cover the Restriction Visibility settings under a user profile and what visibility they can provide users with if enabled.

06 November 2017

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