Ability to add multiple attachments via TimeTrak APP

May 31, 2023 Product Tips,

The ability to add multiple attachments was added to TimeTrak mobile in version 22.1 as per below:
Add Multiple Attachments in TimeTrak Mobile

In TimeTrak from version 22.2.1 there is now the added ability to attach multiple photos or files via attachments against Clients, Jobs, Tasks, Serviceable Units, Purchase Orders, Time Entries, Appointments and Knowledgebase Articles under the attachments section by selecting “Add Multiple” as per below:

Here users can select the attachment category the attachments will be uploaded to, select whether to upload files or take photos (or a mix of the box).

Users can select the file and update the name of the file if required before clicking save to attach items.

Once saved all attachments added will be against the selected attachment category as per below: