Ability to change how menu items open within TimeTrak Professional

May 14, 2024 Product Tips,

In TimeTrak Professional from version 23.1, there is the added ability to set the default of how menu items open within TimeTrak Professional.

By default, items opened from the main menu open on the right-hand side.

To be able to adjust this default, users can right-click on the menu option to see the four different options as per below:

Note: Once the view is selected, this preference will cache for the user/ browser TimeTrak Professional is being accessed from.

This change can be reverted to the default by right clicking the item again and selecting “Open Right”.

Below is an overview of the four available options:
• Open right
This is the default view, where menu items (other than calendar) open on the right side as per below:

• Open Left
This will populate the left side (usually populated by the calendar).
This will provide the ability to see more columns by default.

• Open Pop-Up
This will pop the menu item overlaying information on screen.

• Open window
This will open in a new browser window and populate the information completely.
This means that users can customize the size of the window and bring it to a different screen when multiple monitors are in use.