Ability to copy text from details within TimeTrak APP

August 11, 2023 Product Tips,

Within the TimeTrak APP the ability to copy text from “Details” against Clients, Jobs, Tasks and Serviceable Units has been added.


Hold down on the text you wish to copy within a details view (Job Details View in the below example).

There is then get the option to “select all” as per below:

Which will select all the text and then select the “copy” function as per below:

This information can then be pasted by holding down into a time entry narration for example:

Or the title of a task as another working example:

Or a search screen as another example:


Similar to Android but the text will be Copied by simply holding down on the text you wish to copy.

This can then be pasted into a text field such as a search bar by tapping, and selecting Paste as per below:

This change improves field staff usability of the APP when needing to enter information into other fields or search screens.