Ability to select stock location when adding multiple disbursements in TimeTrak APP

October 20, 2023 Product Tips,

In many businesses field staff can take stock from multiple stock locations.
Previously when staff are taking stock from a stock location which is not their default, they would need to add stock items one at a time and change the stock location every time.

Within the TimeTrak APP from API version onwards there is now the ability to select the stock location stock is being taken from when adding multiple stock items or consuming multiple quote lines in the APP.

When confirming the stock used the stock location the stock is being taken from can be seen at the top of the screen as per below:

To provide the ability for staff to choose the stock location they are taking stock from;

  1. The user must have more than one stock location assigned to them.
    All staff are assigned a default stock location (in bold) but can have access to multiple stock locations by enabling these against the user as per below:

2. The user must be assigned to a profile where stock location is visible against disbursements as per below:

When the above settings are enabled and APP users add multiple stock items to a job, task, time entry, appointment and serviceable unit the stock location will be displayed in the confirmation screen defaulted to the user’s default stock location which can be changed as required.

On Save the stock will come from the selected stock location.

The same functionality applies when consuming multiple quote lines within the APP.

Staff can be forced to select the stock location when adding stock or consuming quote lines if their profile disbursement form layout for stock location is set to must choose as per below:

The stock location will not default to the user’s default stock location, instead forcing the user to select the stock location the stock should come from as per below: