Activity Visible on a Time Entry when Appointment is Converted to Time Entry

September 28, 2016 General,Product Tips,

Would it benefit your business if you could track the movement of the appointment once it is converted into a time entry? This would provide you with; who the appointment was assigned to and movements of the appointment prior to it becoming a time entry.

In TimeTrak from version 3.2.25, Professional users can see appointment activity details on a time entry if the appointment is converted to a time entry.

As per the below example against the time entry in the activity tab.

Professional users can see details of the appointment history:

Some good examples of how this could be helpful are:

  • Providing service coordinator’s the ‘history’ of the time entry

E.g. If the appointment was moved or if it was re-assigned and who reassigned it. That way they can follow up with the correct staff member.

  • Provide managers with history of time entries.

E.g. If a staff member is constantly re-scheduling appointments when they shouldn’t be or assigning their work to other staff member’s managers now have a record of this.

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