Add Attachments to Time Entries and Appointments in the APP

July 25, 2022 General,Product Tips,

In the latest release of the APP, from API Version 21.3.10 onwards, there is a new Attachments options against Appointments and Time Entries as per below:

This new Attachment option is available in the APP for users if their TimeTrak Profile has “Show Attachments” enabled.

The dependent settings Add, Edit and Delete attachments defines whether the user can complete these actions against all attachments they have access to within TimeTrak, including those on Time Entries and Appointments.

Any attachments added to an appointment in the APP will flow through to the time entry if the appointment is converted.

Note: Attachments from time entries and or appointments are not available against Jobs and or Tasks the entry is assigned to.

From release 22.1 onwards, this has been enhanced in both TimeTrak Professional and the TimeTrak APP to include a paper clip icon against time entries/ appointments in the calendar that have attachments to prompt users there are attachments against these items. For more information, click here