Add Escape Key Function to Close Opened Knowledge Base Article and Shortcut Keys via Professional

May 19, 2023 Product Tips,

This article covers some added features to our Knowledge Base from version 22.1.1.

Esc to Close Out of Opened Knowledge Base Articles

Sometimes when searching for a Knowledge Base Article, you might select and open one to find it isn’t what you wanted.  Rather than having to select the Close functionality, we have added the ability to quickly close out of the unwanted article and return to the search screen by selecting your ESC Key.

In this example, the new alternative to selecting the ‘x’:

is to press the Esc Key on your keyboard.

Shortcut Keys for Sharing Knowledge Base Links and Editing

We have also added the following short cuts;

SShare Popup
EEdit Article

How this works is that when you have the Knowledge Base Article Open;


You can press the ‘s’ key on your keyboard, and the Share Article Link will popup:

This makes it easy to select and then copy the link for sharing.


You can press the ‘e’ key on your keyboard, and the Edit Article Form will pop up;