Add the ability to set the Job Template as a must choose field

December 2, 2021 General,Product Tips,

TimeTrak introduced the ability to apply a setting so that users are required to select a template when creating a new job from Professional.  In 21.2.5, this has also been added to Mobile and the App.

  • The setting to enable this is against users Profile’s in the TimeTrak Admin Console. 
  • Select Form Layout, Job and then Template:

Once this has been enabled, on the creation of each new job the user while be required to select a job template from each of the applications. 

If the User tries to create their own field entries (as in below example) and save the Job without selecting a template, they will be unable to and receive a prompt to advise them that ‘Template is a required field’.




This is great enhancement to ensure users are creating jobs correctly by using the job templates created.