Added ability to change Labour Code on the Approval by User and Job screens in Professional

September 15, 2022 General,Product Tips,

In TimeTrak version 20.1, we added the ability to right-click and update billable status in TimeTrak Professional.

At the time, this was the most commonly updated field when the verification process was completed. Refer here to read more.

To further enhance this feature, from version 22.1.2, there is now the added ability to change labour codes as well as billable statuses on the Approval By Job Report as per below:

There is also the added ability to right-click and update the labour code in the Approval by User Report as per below:

In some environments, TimeTrak data is exported to payroll and the payroll code (pay type) is located in the billable status.

To ensure that the correct pay rate is imported to payroll, the below global setting “Enable Statuses on Labour Codes” can be enabled:

With this global feature enabled, when the labour code is selected against a time entry the billable status will update to the one mapped to the labour code.

Ensure that the option to view Labour Codes is enabled for selected Profiles;

The Labour Codes that display are those set against the individual User from and correct billable status (pay type) is mapped to the labour codes as per below:

When “Enable Statuses on Labour Codes” is enabled, the ability to right click and update the billable status via the Approval By Job Report is not available as users should be updating the labour code (which will update the billable status accordingly).

The example below covers updating the Labour Code from Approval by Job.

  • Select the Job from Approval By Job;
  • Right-click on the Labour Code for the Time Entry that you are wanting to update the Labour Code for. 
  • From Change Labour Code, select the new Labour Code.  In this example, we are updating from Standard Labour Charge to Labour – Time and A Half:

The Time Entries Labour Code as well as the Status has been updated on the Approval by Job screen:

And against the Time Entry:

This also applied to Approval By User;