Appointment Tab Added to Alerts Screen

May 25, 2020 General,Product Tips,

Appointment tab added to Alerts screen by default in order to manage tasks more effectively

In TimeTrak, from version 19.3, if users have the profile setting “Enable Unbilled Appointment Alarms” enabled the Appointment Tab will be displayed with all overdue appointments irrespective of the delay setting for Alerts.

If there is a delay set, the user will not be prompted to action the overdue appointment(s) until this delay is met.

A working example of this is:

The User had an Appointment against a task for late the previous night. Settings against the user’s profile in TimeTrak Admin Console are as follows:

Note: In this example “Enable Task Due Date Processing” is also enabled and the Task due date was for late the previous night.

On logging into TimeTrak the next day, the user lands on the alerts screen and is forced to update the task due date.

In order to complete this task the user needs to convert the appointment from late the previous night.

Previously, the User could see the Appointment via the Task but was unable to convert this to a time entry easily.

Now that the Appointments Tab shows all overdue appointments by default, this allows users to manage Appointments with ease but as per their profile settings they are not forced to manage these until the balancing delay is met.

As per below, in the appointments tab there are three icons depending on user’s profile permissions, which assist users with the management of these appointments.

The first icon is to open the appointment and edit it, i.e. update it to another day if it did not get completed.

The second icon is to convert the appointment to a time entry if the work is completed.

The third icon is to delete the appointment if the work did not and is not going to go ahead.