Automatic vs Manual Overtime Calculations based on Roster Classes

May 30, 2018 General,Product Tips,

Setting up Roster Classes and Automatic Overtime Calculations in TimeTrak

You can now setup Roster Classes and link them to Labour Codes for Staff, to identify what rates they will be charged out as or what pay rate they should be paid if integration to payroll is enabled.

TimeTrak will then do the splitting of the time entries for users allowing them to enter their time as per usual, without need to worry about what labour rate they should be selecting. Each user in TimeTrak is now required to have a Roster assigned to them as per below. These Rosters can be assigned per user, per group of users or companywide.

Rosters are set up and can be maintained in the TimeTrak Administrator Console under the Rosters menu as per below.

Under the general tab, the user(s) “Workdays” as they were previously called in version 3.2 are now set up as a roster.

Against the Units tab of a roster you can then set half hour time blocks which stipulate which roster class will be used at this time.

This can be done by clicking on the time block which will change its colour.

Note: Hovering over the time block will advise what roster class the colour relates to, you can continue to click on the time block to change between roster classes.

Or to change a bulk lot of time blocks right click and select a fill option and the roster class you would like assigned.

These Roster Classes are set up and can be maintained in the TimeTrak Administrator Console under the Rosters menu, Roster Classes as per below:

To change the default roster class (which is in bold), right click “Set as Default”.

If payroll integration is enabled the payroll code field will be visible which will allow this to flow through into the payroll export file for companies who have payroll codes set up for double time etc.

Back against the user set up under the labour codes tab the roster class is then assigned to each labour code.

In this example, Greg is assigned to his own roster “Greg Manning” who is set to Normal roster class (blue) and then at 5pm it changes to time and a half (yellow) Monday to Friday.

When staff enter a time entry from 4pm – 6pm, as per below, he is not required to alter the labour code for overtime to calculate.

TimeTrak has automatically split this time entry on save across the different roster classes:

They have different labour codes as per those specified against Greg as a user in the Admin Console:

Setting up Manual Overtime Calculations using TimeSheet Manager

Timesheet Manager 4.0 will split time based on the users assigned roster class by default if Enable Overtime Popup in Timesheet Manager is disabled.

This setting is in the TimeTrak Admin Console > Global System Setup > Admin Settings, as per below.

If you do not want overtime to calculate automatically based on the assigned roster class there is still the option for TimeSheet Manager to behave as it did in Version 3.2 and provide the user with a pop up screen to enter overtime.

Ensure the setting Enable Overtime Popup in Timesheet Manager is enabled.

If you know the exact start and end time of the time entry or total hours, enter them in the time entry. If the total hours value is greater than standard roster hours (in the below example it is higher than 7.5 hours), it will provide the pop-up screen to split the time entry (screen 2) and apply relevant labour codes automatically as per screen 3.

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77