Changes to Checklist behavior – the same checklist will not pop for the same User/Job within a 24 hour period

August 12, 2021 Checklists,General,Product Tips,

Previous ‘Checklist Behavior’ is detailed in this reference.

This details that from TimeTrak version 4.0.5, where a user has a ‘check in’ event-based checklist that the checklist will only pop once for the same user against a job in a 12 hour period.

From TimeTrak version 19.3.27, new behaviour has been applied where the same checklist will not pop for the same user/job within a 24 hour period. 

Please note: this applies to checklists which are saved as completed, not saved as a draft.  Refer section below; Draft Checklist Behaviour.

This means that checklists can be applied to more than one Event, to enforce that it is always completed but not duplicated. 

A working example of this as per below:

In this example, the client wants to ensure that their users’ complete a JSA – Job Safety Analysis for all completed work. 

The following event-based checklists have been applied against the users’ profile:

  • After Add Time Entry
  • After Check Out

This means that if the user completed the check in process and then checks out the checklist will pop ‘after check out’.

Alternatively, if they converted the Appointment to a Time Entry the checklist would pop ‘After Add Time Entry’.

However, if the user completes the Check In process, Checks Out and completes the JSA, the JSA will not pop again when the Time Entry is updated.

The change in behavior ensures that the same Checklist will not pop more than once in a 24 hour period for the same User/Job as TimeTrak completes a check against the ‘checklist id’.

Draft Checklists

TimeTrak has been designed to allow the User to revisit a checklist which has been ‘saved as a draft’ so that it can be ‘added to/finished’ and marked as Completed. The draft checklist does not have the new rules applied as outlined in the header of this tip until the checklist has been Saved/Completed. This ensures the user can revisit the checklist.