Changing Passwords in TimeTrak

September 11, 2018 General,Product Tips,

There are multiple ways that a user can change their TimeTrak password and some user permissions around functionality, this tip of the week will take you through these options.

Changing password from:
1. Administration Console (Global Administrator only)
2. Users
         2.1. TimeTrak Professional
         2.2. TimeTrak Mobile
         2.3 TimeTrak APP
 3. TimeTrak Portal      

1. Administrator Console (Global Administrators only)

If you are setup as a Global Administrator, you have the ability to login to the TimeTrak Admin Console using the same credentials you use to login to the TimeTrak website(s).

In Administrator Console, choose “Users & Resources” and then choose which user you want to change the password for:

Open the user and overtype the password field, and the confirm password field as per below – Click OK.

From version 21.2 onwards, global administrators also have the ability to unlock users accounts and reset their passwords via the professional website.

For more information on this click here

2. Users

As a user of either TimeTrak Professional or TimeTrak Mobile, if you want to change your password manually by yourself, you can change it directly via the TimeTrak website.

Note: You are unable to change the password if you forget your password and your only access is only through TimeTrak Mobile, a Global Administrator will need to reset your password as per options in point 1.

2.1. TimeTrak Professional

In TimeTrak Professional, when you are on the login screen you can click “Reset your password” this is the same behaviour in versions 20.1 onwards the wording has been changed slightly to an option called “Forgot Password” and it will bring you to a prompt screen to enter your email. Through there, you will get an email with a link to reset your password as per below:

If you remember your current password and just wish to change this, you can click the “Personalise” icon in TimeTrak. From there, it will bring you to the User Profile screen where you can change the password by entering your current and new passwords as per below:

In versions from 20.1 onwards these steps are exactly the same the personalise icon just looks different as per below given the change to the menu.

Another option is that you can click “Forget your password” and it will bring up a prompt to enter your email address. The process is similar to when you want to change your password from the login screen and you were generated an email with a link to reset a password.

From version 21.1 if the User has Global Administrator privilege’s, Users’ Passwords can be updated directly from Professional.

From the updated TimeTrak Menu select Settings and then Users:

Select the User you would like to change the Password for;

From the Settings Panel, enable ‘Change Password’. This will populate the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ fields which can be populated with the new password for the User and then Save selected:

2.2. TimeTrak Mobile

As mentioned before, you are only able to change the password in Mobile if you know your current password.

In versions prior to 19.2 your TimeTrak profile also needs to have the “Show User Profile” setting enabled, as per below:

If you forget your password, you will need to contact your Administrator to make the change.

When you have logged into TimeTrak Mobile, click on the “Profile” button and go to “Change Password” where users can enter their current password and new password prior to clicking “Change Password” as per below steps.

From version 19.2 onwards this profile setting was updated to be called “Edit Mobile Home Screen Configuration” and moved to the Config tab of a profile as per below.

Regardless of this setting being enabled or not, mobile users are able to reset their password and or PIN number if this feature which was also introduced in version 19.2 is enabled or not.

On the home screen of mobile users can click Profile as per below:

If users do not have profile setting “Edit Mobile Home Screen Configuration” enabled they are unable to adjust items that display on the mobile home screen, however they can have options to change password and change Pin as per below:

2.3 TimeTrak APP

The TimeTrak APP is available for both Android and IOS devices for clients running a minimum version of 20.1.11.

For more information on logging into the TimeTrak APP click here

One users are logged into the TimeTrak APP they have the ability to change both their password and Pin by selecting the menu icon then selecting Change Password or Change Pin as per below where they will be prompted up specify their current password/ pin before entering their new password/ Pin and confirming this change.

3. TimeTrak Portal

Very similar to the “reset your password” process in TimeTrak, your clients that have access to TimeTrak via the Client Portal can also reset their password via the Portal login screen

Please Note: They will need to enter the email address assigned against their contact in Exo for the password reset link to be emailed. It is important to note that Portal users should have separate email addresses against them or this function will not work.

If your customer already knows their password and wishes to update this to something different, much like TimeTrak Professional, they can reset this by clicking the personalise icon and entering their current password along with the new password and clicking Save as per below:

A TimeTrak Global Administrator who has access to the TimeTrak Administrator Console can also update the password on behalf of the client.

  • TimeTrak Admin Console
  • TimeTrak Client Portal
  • Clients
  • Select the Client (debtor account) and the contact you wish to update the password for.
  • Overtype the password and confirm password fields as per below
  • OK

A Global Administrator can also update the client’s login ID, for more information on managing portal logins click here.

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77