Copy Day functionality in TimeTrak Professional and TimeTrak APP

June 14, 2023 Product Tips,

TimeTrak Professional has had “Copy Day” functionality for some time where users can right click in the calendar as per below and select “Copy Day”

Which will prompt the below pop up to confirm which day the entries should be copied to and whether disbursements and or recurring appointments should also be copied before clicking save as per below:

On save the selected days entries will be copied to specified day as per below:

This same functionality has been added to the TimeTrak APP from version 22.2, as per below in the calendar view users can select the below icon:

Which will then pop a date selector for the next 14 days, allowing users to select up to 14 days to copy the days entries to before clicking “confirm” as per below:

Users will then be asked if they wish to copy breaks, disbursements and recurring appointments before clicking “save” as per below:

Which will copy the days entries to the selected dates.

This is a great feature for field staff who are working on the same job(s) for days on end as a way to copy the days entries over multiple days.