Create a Job from a Serviceable Unit in TimeTrak Professional

November 3, 2022 General,Product Tips,

Serviceable Units is an additional module within TimeTrak when enabled within MYOB Job Costing.

These are usually an asset which is serviced, and one or multiple can be assigned to a job.

Serviceable units provide the ability to “link” job history at an asset level.

In this example, Serviceable Units are vehicles.

A Serviceable Unit can:

  1.  Belong to a client
  2.  Have multiple contacts assigned to the Unit with a default contact.

Note: The contacts in the default contact list are limited to contacts assigned to the Unit.

  1. Have a site address.

In TimeTrak Professional from version 4.0.35 the ability to right click and create a job via the main Serviceable Unit grid was added.

If the Serviceable Unit was assigned to a client, the new job screen would automatically pull through the client assigned to the Unit.

After saving the job, the Unit the job was created from is automatically assigned to the job.

This is useful in businesses where the job is generated from the asset.

IE: Calling to book a job in for the 2010 ford focus where a registration number is provided.

From version 22.1.4 this has been enhanced even further so when creating a job via a Serviceable Unit:

  1. If the Serviceable Unit has a default contact, this will automatically become the job contact.
  2. If the Serviceable Unit has a site address, this will automatically become the site address for the job (previously, this would always default to the customer’s address).

If the Unit has no site address, the previous behaviour still exists (where the client’s delivery address will default to the jobs site address), and no job contact will be selected by default.

After saving the job as per previous behaviour the Serviceable Unit the job was generated from will automatically be assigned as per below: