CRM Features in TimeTrak Mobile

November 21, 2017 General,Whitepapers,

TimeTrak Mobile now integrates with MYOB Exo’s CRM module, allowing users to create Prospects and Opportunities.

Against those Opportunities, the TimeTrak Mobile user can create Opportunity Quotes and email those Quotes to clients while out in the field.

For construction businesses, we also capture and house measureables to be claimed so that Progress over the job can be captured and reported upon.

Profile Settings

In a Profile, MYOB Exo Tab, the user will now have a list of new settings, for the CRM functionality this include:

  • Prospects
  • Opportunities
  • Opportunity Quotes
  • Quote Options
  • Using Build of Materials on Quote Lines (BOM’s)
  • Exo Tasks
  • Claim Measureables

Enable the settings your CRM users will need.

Mobile Profile Options

From the Home Screen in TimeTrak Mobile, through the Profile Menu.

The Prospects and Opportunities are added as quick lines on the Home Screen.

Once enabled they will show on the Home Screen, View items widget.

Creating a Prospect

Either via the Search > Prospects option or directly from the Prospects option click to drill into the Prospects search screen.

Any existing Prospects will show in the Search list and if the user has permissions, they can Add a Prospect.

Click Add Prospect > Enter in the Name – this is required > Update all other fields as needed.

Note: For more data input options click on the toggle icon to expand the address and delivery address fields.

Click Save to create the new Prospect.

Users can now see the new Prospect in the Prospect Details screen.

Maintaining a Prospect

Drill into a Prospect to update settings, create opportunities, add contacts, delete the Prospect and add attachments against it.

Once on the Prospect Details screen users can see the options.

Editing the Prospect will take the user to this screen to update as needed.

Creating an Opportunity

Either via the Search -> Opportunities option or directly from the Opportunities option click to drill into the Opportunities search screen.

The Opportunities Search screen will list all Opportunities.

These can be limited to the logged in User by selecting My Opportunities.

An Opportunity can be created against a ClientSupplier or Prospect.

The method of creating an Opportunity is the same for the Client, Supplier or Prospect.

This document will demonstrate it against a Prospect.

Select the correct Prospect.

Give the Opportunity a Subject – this is required.

The Contact will be pre-populated from the Contact against the Client, Supplier or Prospect if it exists.

A new Contact can be created directly from the Opportunity screen.

Set the TypeLead and Stage.

Enter in an Estimate Value if this is known.

Set the Due Date.

Assign it to a Sales Person.

Enter any Notes needed.

Click Save.

Users will be taken to the Opportunity Details screen.

Creating an Activity

From an Opportunity the user can create an Activity, this will save into MYOB Exo as a Task against the Opportunity.

Click on the Activities Button from the Opportunity Details screen.

The Activities Search screen will display showing any existing Activities and allow the user to add a new one.

Click on Add Activity

Enter in the Subject – this is required.


  • Type
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Start Time and End Time
  • And set who it is Assigned to
  • Enter any Details needed.

Click Save

Create an Opportunity Quote

Open an existing or a newly created Opportunity.

Under the Financial Summary widget users will see Opportunity Quote Lines.

In the Opportunity Quotes Screen, it will show any existing quote lines and give the user the ability to Add Opportunity Quote Line, Add Bill of Material and Send Opportunity Quote.

Click Add Quote Line to add a single stock item to the Quote.

Add Single Stock Item to Quote.

User will be taken to the Stock Items search.

Use the space bar to list the first 10 stock items or start typing in the stock code or stock description.

Select stock item.

Update the Description if needed.

Set Quantity.

Choose or add a new Quote Option.

Enter in a narration if required.

If Cost Groups or Cost Types are in use – set these.

Click Save for a single line.

Click Save & New to add more lines to the Quote.

Add Bill Of Materials to Quote.

Click Add Bill of Material to add a Bill of Material (BOM) to the Quote.

User will be taken to the Bill of Material search.

Use the space bar to list the first 10 stock items or start typing in the stock code or stock description.

Select the correct Bill of Material.

Set Quantity.

Alter or enter the Price.

Choose or add a new Quote Option.

Click Save for a single line.

To Email the Quote form

An Opportunity Quote Report will need to be set up in the TimeTrak Admin Console.

Click Send Opportunity Quote.

Client Email Address will be pre-populated if the Opportunity Contact has an email address, this can be edited on the screen.

Select the Quote form from the drop down list.

Click Send Opportunity Quote Email.