Eliminate the requirement to enter an Order Number for Clients Project Jobs/Tasks

August 5, 2021 General,Product Tips,

In previous version of TimeTrak there is the functionality to be able to force the user to add an order number to a job and task for selected clients.  In TimeTrak 19.3.20, this same functionality was added to Quick Tasks.

Following the release of TimeTrak 20.1 which included Project Features, we identified that it would be beneficial to not enforce this requirement for Jobs which were set as ‘Project Jobs’ along with the related Tasks. 

This means that although the requirement to add an order number will still apply to standard jobs and tasks (if this has been enabled and selected for a client), it will not apply to project related jobs and tasks.  This is based on standard business practice for projects where the Project Manager would normally manage this and it may not be a requirement for order numbers to be needed for every Job and or Task.

The steps below will cover how to set up the Custom Field to enforce the requirement to enter an order number and the differences between the behavior against a client when this has been enabled for non-project and project jobs and tasks.

The requirement to enter an order number is enabled against a client in either Exo or TimeTrak.


The ‘Need Order No’ is found on the Debtors’ Account Details Screen;

You are then forced to enter an order number on job creation in Job Costing.

This can also be seen/managed in TimeTrak when the ‘need_orderno’ field is setup as a custom field as per below:

Here are the settings;

To pull through this behavior to TimeTrak, where you are forced to enter an order number on jobs and/or tasks, enable the following profile setting/s in TimeTrak Admin Console;

To apply the ‘Client Requires Order No.’ against the client, enable the field on the Custom Fields tab;

Now, when you create a non-project job and/or task you are forced to enter an Order No.  However, for a project job and associated tasks you will not be forced.  Same rule applies for Quick Tasks.

For more information about TimeTrak Custom Fields, refer here.

For more information about setting up Project Managed Jobs, refer here.