Enabling the mandatory selection of a task on Purchase Orders, with the ability to set a default task for the PO

May 24, 2023 Product Tips,

Starting from version 22.1.1 of TimeTrak Professional, a new feature has been added to the Form Layout section. This feature allows you to make the selection of a task mandatory when creating new Purchase Orders. This helps ensure that every Purchase Order is assigned to a task, enabling you to manage and view the POs against tasks easily.

To enable this functionality users will need to have “Required” enabled against Purchase Order > Task in the form layout against their profile as per below:

Find your job and open it – select the purchase orders tab.
Now click the + simple to add a new PO.

From here you will be able to enter the Purchase Order details and the task it is assigned to (tasks are limited to those against the job).
Then you can enter the Purchase Order Lines.

After finishing entering the PO details, click save.

You can now view all Purchase Orders related to a Job’s tasks from the top level. The Purchase Orders will be sorted based on the tasks they are associated with, making it easier to track and manage them.