Formula available against Grid Columns in TimeTrak Professional

August 19, 2021 General,Product Tips,

Did you know that you can quickly apply a formula to Grid Columns in TimeTrak? Some columns automatically provide you with a Sum or Count Value.

As an example for the Time Entry Grid on a Job, the following will appear;

  • Hours Column – total number of hours displays as a ‘Sum’
  • Sell Total and Cost Total – total values appear as a ‘$Sum’

To access further options, right click on the panel which displays the values. Different formulae will appear specifically for what is available for the selected column.

In this example, right click has been applied to the Hours Column where all options display; Sum, Min, Max, Count and Average;

When the column already displays a value, when selecting another formula, both will display.  For example, when adding ‘Count’ to the Hours column, ‘Min’ to the Sell Total column and ‘Max’ To the Cost Total Column, these display under the existing results;

For the columns which do not display a value, the value would appear as in this example where ‘Sum’ has been applied to the Rate Column and ‘Average’ has been applied to the Cost Column;

You can continue to select more formulae, turning them on and off;

Another example shows that Count is the only formula available for the Time Column:

Note; these added formula’s do not cache so the information will not be there next time you open a job.

They are useful in order to get figures without the need to run a report or manually calculate however.