How to add and edit holidays in Administrative Console

March 23, 2022 General,Product Tips,

In TimeTrak Administrative Console, ‘holidays’ will automatically be updated for the upcoming years. However, sometimes there may be the requirement to add a new holiday or change the holiday date of an existing holiday. Users can easily add new holidays and adjust the existing dates in TimeTrak Administrative Console.

After logging into Administrative Console, you can select the ‘Holiday’ menu from the left side. This will bring current holiday information.

On the top side, you can see ‘Year’ selection. You can review the upcoming year’s holidays and adjust them if required.

At the bottom, you will see the ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ buttons.

You can add a new holiday into your system or edit an existing holiday with these buttons.

Adding a new holiday:

Select the year that you would like to add the holiday to, and then select Add:

  1. Against Description, add in the name of the holiday.
  2. You can then choose to have the holiday display for the ‘same date every year’ as in examples such as Christmas Day or ‘different date each year’ as in Good Friday.
  3. Select ‘Active’ to have the holiday display
  4. Then choose Ok

If the ‘Different date each year’ is selected, the holiday will only appear on the selected year.

Editing an existing holiday:

After selecting the year, select the Date and Description of the holiday that requires a date change and choose Edit:

Make the required changes and choose Ok;

The updates will appear:

Viewing ‘Inactive Holidays’

There may be the requirement to view or activate a holiday that has not been set to Active.

To view these holidays, select the year, select ‘Active Holidays Only’, which will display ‘all holidays’ both active and inactive for the selected year. The inactive holidays display with a pink highlight as follows;