Increase and Decrease TimeTrak licensing from TimeTrak Professional

March 28, 2024 Product Tips,

From version 23.1.4, Global Administrators can now increase or decrease the number of licenses for TimeTrak within TimeTrak Professional. 

This feature simplifies license management, enabling administrators to adapt to changing needs efficiently without the need for TimeTrak Support Staff to apply additional licencing. 

Instructions for Increasing or Decreasing Licenses: 

  1. Log in to TimeTrak Professional website. 
  1. Navigate to Licenses by following the steps below:
  1. Licences Available, Used and Remaining are shown on screen as per below. 

Select the icon in the right column to adjust license counts. 

  1. Specify the desired number of additional or reduced licenses in the New Licence Count Column. 

Note: The increase or decreased licence value will display as highlighted below:  

  1. Click “Change” to apply the adjustments. 

Your licence changes will be applied automatically providing the ability to add additional users. 

Note: Changes to monthly subscription billing will take effect on your next subscription invoice which is based on licencing available.