Multi Person Verification

April 20, 2020 Whitepapers,

TimeTrak Professional has verification reports that can be run by user or job that display all time and disbursements entered to allow a manager to verify and amend, if required, prior to posting to Exo. Please refer TimeSheet Verification by Job or User for more details.

Versions of TimeTrak prior to 19.3 had basic Timesheet verification with single or Group Approvers methods.

The above profile setting in versions 4.0 – 19.2 which allowed users to complete verification has now moved to the below location and been enhanced with different user option functions for Multi Person Verification.

These settings are divided into two sections:


1. Can Verify Items – allows the user, within the profile, the ability to verify time entries (e.g. Managers, Team Leaders, or Supervisor).

This setting enables the options Time Verification By Job and Time Verification By User in Professional as per below:

This settings is the equivalent to “Allow timesheet verification” in previous versions.

If “Allow timesheet verification” was enabled against a profile prior to an upgrade to 19.3, then “Can Verify Items” will be enabled against the profile on upgrade.

2. Can Verify On Behalf Of Other Users will display a new option TimeSheet Verification Override in Professional.

TimeSheet Verification Override

If the Timesheet Verification Override option is enabled, it allows the user to verify time entries on behalf of another verifier. This setting would usually be applied to an administration user profile and is useful for when a verifier is absent and unable to action the time verification.

Note: Timesheet Verification Override is by user only and not by job.

In this example Greg was unable to verify the time entry so Bridget was able to do this on his behalf.

Verification Signature – whenever you verify an item, it will now show a signature of who verified the item.

Note: By default all Time Entries are automatically approved until you apply settings from Requires Verification.


1. Requires Verification – This must be ticked on if Time Entries require verification for users within the profile. This setting makes all time entries, unverified by default which allows the time verification process to be activated.

Non-Billable time entries and Non-Productive time entries can now be set to require verification also.

2. As part of multi person verification there are four options to enforce who Items Will Be Verified By:

– Any User With Permission enables all users, within their profile setting, to verify time. These users can verify time entries even they are not in the same profile or the same group.

– Group Approver (s)

Restricts the user to approve time entries for a set group people. This setting can be activated under the Groups tab of the Users and Resource/s in the Administrator Console.

In this example David is the approver of all Service Tech members.

– Team Leader can be set up when you create group scheduling (Click here for more information).

When creating an appointment Set Leader is essential. The group leader can be set by:

a) After creating a group appointment on the calendar, right click on the user and set as the leader.

In this example Bridget will be set as the team leader and will be able to verify her team’s time entries.

b) On creation of the appointment, right click Set Leader.

– Job Manager – allows time entry verification for jobs when they are assigned as the Job Manager.

Note: In the Administrator Console, the Job Manager also needs to have access to the user’s group for whom they are verifying the time entry against. This abides by TimeTrak’s user group configuration policy.

For example, Tim is in the Mobile Technicians Group and he enters a time entry against the job shown above. Although Greg is a Manager for this job, in order for him to be able to see Tim’s time entries for verification, Greg will also require to have access to Tim’s group.

Multiple Verifiers Required

A profile can have multiple users who are all required to verify a time entry, depending on your business process requirements.

For example, this entry requires verification from Any User with permission, a Group Approver, and also the Job Manager.

Audit Log of Verification

All time verification actions are recorded under the Activities tab against the time entry as an audit log.

Legend Items

The fill colour of clock icon on the time entry is determined by the status of verification, this can be found under the legend listing as shown below:

White – the time entry hasn’t been verified

Yellow – the time entry is partially verified

Green – the time entry is fully verified.

Alerts – Time Sheet Approval in Professional

A Timesheet Approval alert can be set which allows users to be alerted when users have time entries which require their verification. Time entries must be reviewed and approved before they can continue using TimeTrak.

In the Administrator Console profile settings:

1. Set the frequency of the alert screen

2. Screen Grouping – Defines this user’s visibility of group (User or Job) for timesheet approval

By Job

By User

In this example the frequency is set to daily alerts with the screen grouping by user. A delay (in hours) can be applied also e.g. time entries may need verified on a daily basis but this may only be required to be done by 10pm each day.

When clicking on a user it will open to the verification screen which can be set by job or user.

Mobile will display a similar prompt format to the verification alert in Professional.

TimeSheet Verification in Mobile

The home page Verification tab can activated under the Mobile Profile

In this example the frequency is set to daily alerts with the screen grouping by user. A delay (in hours) can be applied also e.g. time entries may need verified on a daily basis but this may only be required to be done by 10pm each day.

When clicking on a user it will open to the verification screen which can be set by job or user.

Time Verification Process Example

In this example there is one job for requiring verification and must be verified by Any User, a Group Approver and the Job Manager.

The time entry against the job is for Tim McIntosh who is part of the Mobile Technician Group

Bridget Fairweather is the first person to verify the job’s Time Entry as Any User.

At this stage the job does not show as being fully verified.

In Professional this will displayed as Partially Verified (yellow clock) until all steps of verification have been completed.

The next verification is to be done by a Group Approver, in this case David Cranston has been assigned as a group approver for the Mobile Technicians so he is able to verify Tim’s time entries.

In this instance David is going to verify this step in mobile, he could also do this in Professional providing he had access.

Select a period then click into the list the list of time entries.

Click into the User

The verifier is able to View time entry prior to verification. They will then either Verify against the individual time entry/time entries as required or Select All to bulk tick all time entries before clicking Commit Verification.

In Professional this now shows as being verified by David accordingly.

The next verifier is the Job Manager which is Greg Manning and he also has group permissions to Tim’s group.

Greg is able to verify by Professional or Mobile. In this case he has chosen to verify by Professional TimeSheet Verification By Job. An alert could be applied for him to work from instead.

The job now displays as fully verified where it can then be used to filter on and post to Exonet.