New behaviour for Appointments that run over two or more days using Quick Appointment

November 29, 2021 General,Product Tips,

In 21.2, when an Appointment is created that runs over two or more days in a Timeline Calendar with minimum scale of ‘1 Day’, the Appointments will be created as ‘repeat appointments’ and this changes from the previous ‘continuous appointment’ behaviour.

1. Pin a resource on a User Workgroup, or setup a Job Workgroup.

        The example used here is for a User Workgroup.

2. Setup the calendar to only have a single Time Scale enabled which is ‘day’:

3. Select the days on the calendar you would like to create the Appointment for, this example shows four days and choose ‘New Quick Appointment’:

‘New Quick Appointment’ is also available from the ‘pop up menu’:

The four appointments are created as ‘repeat’ appointments:

This replaces the previous behaviour that generated a ‘continuous appointment’.  This example from an older version of TimeTrak shows an Appointment which runs over three days, appearing as a ‘continuous entry’: