New search field for users and groups on Task Grids in TimeTrak Professional

August 23, 2021 General,Product Tips,

In TimeTrak Professional from version 20.1.7, you can now complete a search from the Task Grid against ‘Groups’ and/or ‘Users’.

This will make it quicker and easier to find the Tasks for yourself or another user without the need to scroll down a list of users to select those applicable.

Previous behaviour allows you to select items from the Group and/or User fields but not search the items to find what you are looking for:

Now you can complete a search, which is particularly helpful when you have a large number of users, for example by utilising the new ‘search filter’.

In this example, a search is being completed to find a user ‘David’.  There are a few staff members and items of equipment, to locate ‘David’s Tasks’ quickly, simply click onto ‘All Users’ and start typing in David’s name in the ‘enter text to filter’ box:

In this example, there is only one ‘David’.  We can make the most of the next enhancement, which is to simply press ‘enter’ on the keyboard. David is automatically ‘selected’ and all that is left to do is select ‘search’:

David’s Tasks will then display.