Organising New Data Panels in TimeTrak

April 27, 2017 General,Product Tips,

If you are running a later version of TimeTrak, you will notice that there are new Job, Client, Contacts and Serviceable Unit panels.

These panels can be filtered on and have the columns arranged to suit your needs.

These preferences will stay saved against your user – meaning you don’t need to set them up again after logging of TimeTrak.


In these panels, right click on the header columns and select column chooser as per below:

You can then drag and drop columns on and off the panel from the column chooser and arrange as required by dragging the column heading, see below examples:


Anywhere you see the below icon in TimeTrak, you can ‘Open in new window’

As per below, clicking this icon allows the user to have an additional jobs panel open on another screen which they can expand and add additional columns to view more information.

There are also the below arrows that can be used to expand the panel to view the job information in the same screen with more columns:

Once you are finished viewing the job panel full screen, click the arrow icon to restore the size of the job panel again.


You can then filter the information based on the jobs you need to look at.

For example, jobs in your branch or a particular status or category.

In the below example, the scheduler only needs to look at jobs with the status “New Jobs” as these are the jobs that are required to be scheduled.

Click on the funnel icon for the column you wish to filter

Select what you wish to see in the filter


As per below, the job panel is automatically updated to show only those jobs that match the specified filter.

The filter information is at the bottom of the job screen, as per below.

To view all jobs again untick the filter – this can then be ticked on again when required.

To remove the filter all together click clear.

You can filter on more than just one field, in the below example I have added the job category “Domestic” to the filter.

To remove the job category filter I click on the filter at the bottom of the screen, and click the ‘x’ on the category filter to remove it as per below:


This is not recommended for large databases and can take an extremely long time to load as it will load every single job you have ever had in Job Costing.

At the bottom of the job panel, there is a tick box “Include Inactive Jobs” as per below:

Ticking this on will make jobs with inactive job statuses available to view in TimeTrak, however TimeTrak appointments and time entries cannot be created against a job with an inactive job status.

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77