Project Features (Gantt Chart) Updates – Ability to Filter, Toggle Resource Timeline and Print to PDF

September 15, 2022 General,Product Tips,

To further enhance our Project Feature (introduced from TimeTrak 20.1), the ability to Filter, Toggle the Resource Timeline and Print to PDF options has been added in TimeTrak 21.2.2.

To read all about our Project Feature, please click here.

The first step is to select your Project;


This new feature allows for the ability to Filter by:

  • Resource
  • Job Status
  • Task Status

Select the Filter icon from:

Once selected, you will see the three filtering options;

For each of the options, you can select one or more items to Filter by, eg for Resources, two Users have been selected.  To activate the search, select the cross as below;

The applicable details will then display.

To clear the Filter, select again and choose Clear, followed by the X.


The ability to choose whether the Recourse Timeline displays or not has been added to give the option of increasing the real estate of your Project.  This is easily turned off/on by selecting the Toggle Resource Timeline button from;

Toggled off;

(Resource Timeline no longer displays)

This option provides Print Preview and Print capability.  What displays on the screen is what will print.  So if you have completed a Filter or have turned off the Resource Timeline as above, what shows on the screen is what will print.

Print is available from:

Once selected, your PDF will download and will appear on the downloads bar ready for you to select;


Without any Filter, and Resource Timeline is visible/toggled on:

With the Filter applied and the Resource Timeline is hidden/toggled off;

To Print, select the Print button, update the settings and Print;