Purchase Orders in TimeTrak 4

August 22, 2017 General,Product Tips,

TimeTrak Professional users can now view and create Purchase Orders against a Job in TimeTrak Professional.

This will create the Purchase Order immediately in MYOB Exo with the lines assigned to it.

Against the job, users can quickly identify if there are already any purchase orders and create one if required by clicking the Add Purchase Order icon, as per below:

Users are then prompted to search and select the supplier, and add a header narration to the purchase order if required.

Then in the Purchase Order Lines tab, they can add stock item lines to the order by adding the Add Purchase Order Line icon, as per below.

Once the Purchase order is saved it is visible in Exo straight away.

A Purchase order report set up for your organisation can then be exported or printed from the reports tab against the purchase order, as per below:

As well as being able to create a purchase order in Mobile users are now also able to save and email a purchase order report that is set up for the organisation.

Add Purchase Order

As per below, create purchase order for one of the specified options based on your company set up and configuration in this case a purchase order for a job is being created.

  • Select the job you wish to create the purchase order for
  • Select the supplier you wish to create the purchase order for
  • Select stock item(s) you would like on this purchase order

You are then taken to the Purchase Order Details Screen (see below), where you can see the details of the purchase order, add additional purchase order lines and now have the option to Send Purchase Order.

Users can then enter an email address and select a purchase order report that has been set up for your organisation before clicking send purchase order email, which will email the purchase order as an attachment.

This then increases the TimeTrak attachments count, as per below:

Other TimeTrak users can view the attachment if their permissions allow as well as see who sent the attachment.

If Link attachments to MYOB Exo Documents is enabled in your TimeTrak database this purchase order PDF will also be available as an attachment on the purchase order in Exo

We have also added the ability to see and set the cost price of a disbursement in a purchase order in TimeTrak 4.

This is a permission based setting as per below if “Hide Disbursement Cost Price in Purchase Order” is left unticked.

Users assigned to this profile will be able to see and alter purchase order line cost prices.

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: support@timetrak.co.nz or phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU: 1800 60 80 77