Repeat Time Entries in TimeTrak Professional

June 7, 2023 Product Tips,

The ability to repeat appointments within TimeTrak Professional was added in version 4.0 as per below:

Repeat Appointments and Recurring Appointments

From version 22.2.1, In TimeTrak Professional there is now the added ability to repeat a time entry for a maximum of two weeks.

This can be done when creating a time entry and populating the repeat field for the amount of days you wish to repeat the time entry for or manually selecting the days until field (which will update the repeat field based on this).

In the below example on creating the below time entry and selecting repeat for 2 days:

On save the same time entry is created for 3 days:

Note: If the time entry has travel fees or disbursements these will also be copied over to each time entry that is “repeated”

Users can also use the repeat date selector to select one week (7 days) or two weeks (14 days) as per below example:

A useful example for this feature may be if a staff member is taking annual leave in the afternoons for the whole week or recording leave for a week (instead of using the fill day function).