Serviceable Unit Functionality on Mobile Application

July 26, 2023 Product Tips,

Starting from version 21.3 we have introduced the Serviceable Unit functionality from TimeTrak Professional into the TimeTrak Mobile App

To view more about the Serviceable Units in TimeTrak view below

When you are in an Appointment, Job, Task or TimeEntry you can now view the Serviceable unit(s) assigned to the item.
You still have the same functionality as TimeTrak Professional to add/edit/remove Serviceable Units.

To Assign an Serviceable unit to the Job, simply click the Add/Assign button.

Selecting Add will allow you to create a new Serviceable Unit.
Selecting Assign will let you assign an already created Serviceable Unit.

Find the Serviceable unit and select it to assign it to the Job.
Once the Serviceable Unit has been assigned, you can navigate back to the list of Serviceable units assigned to the Job as per below