Task Grids updated to select all sub tasks in the grid on parent task selection

September 16, 2021 General,Product Tips,

In TimeTrak from version 19.3, there is the added ability to select and update multiple tasks at once.

For more information on this click here.

This functionality has been enhanced further from version 20.1.12. so when a parent task is selected within the grid the sub tasks are also selected by default.

This is great for instances where there are a lot of sub tasks and the parent and sub task details all need updated.

On selecting all sub tasks within a grid the parent task is also selected by default.

To update details just against the parent task, right click the parent task and Edit.

The right click edit function will edit the task which was right clicked (without the need to select the item via the tick box).

A parent task is unable to be closed at the same time as all its sub tasks, you will get the below message warning you of this;

If there is an instance where a parent task and its sub tasks need to be marked as completed, you can open the parent task form > select the Completed status which will provide a tick box option to Close and Sub tasks and appointments at the same time as per below example: