Task Import Templates in TimeTrak 4

August 15, 2017 General,Product Tips,

If you are a TaskTrak user and require the ability to setup the same bulk tasks against a job regularly this is now possible in TimeTrak 4 with Task Import Templates.

An example of this is if you have project jobs and in order for the project to be completed pieces of work (tasks) need to be completed by different users.

These tasks can be assigned to the different users and have different start dates and due dates.

You will need to save an Import template in an excel spreadsheet with the below headings to a folder location that all users can access.

This template then needs to be added to the TimeTrak Admin Console > Global System Setup > Modify Settings > Task Import Templates, as per below:

In this screen, you can manage any templates you already have created and add an additional one by clicking Add.

Browse to the file location of the saved excel template that was created – Name the Import Template and add a description, if required.


Within the Professional website, search and open the job you wish to create multiple tasks for.

Go to the tasks tab where there are two new icons “Manage Tasks” and “Import Tasks”.

Select Import Tasks.

From here you can Import tasks directly from the job quote lines if the job has any.

In the below example, this job has a quote line of x80 standard hours labour charge.

I can select this line and click “Import Selected Lines”.

This then creates the task directly against the job, as per below:

Which can then be opened to amend details to be more meaningful.

A good working example of importing tasks from quote lines would be if jobs were already quoted in “task” status with a meaningful description as part of the company’s business process.

Back in the Import Task screen instead of Importing from quote lines users can import from excel by clicking the “Import From Excel” tab, as per below:

Users then need to select an import template (these are the templates set in the TimeTrak Administrator Console)

This will download the template for users to alter the template details and then save the altered template locally.

Once the altered template is saved locally users can browse and select the excel file.

Please note: The TaskOrderNo field is a reference to the Task/ Sub-Task relationship.

In this example, Assemble Race Car Parts was a task with Finalise Parts Configuration & Certification as a sub-task there for the TaskOrderNo field was populated with 1 and 1.1

Select the lines you wish to create into task’s and click “Import Selected Lines”.

Which will create the tasks against the job. Users can then click the Manage Task’s Icon as per below:

Which will show ALL tasks against this job.

From here you can select one or multiple tasks and right click “Update selected Items”.

In this case this task needs to be assigned to David:

Click Update.

As per below, this is automatically updated in the report:

And against the task:

The same process can be completed for numerous tasks at once.

This helpful feature was designed to allow schedulers to quickly and efficiently create and update tasks.

If you have any further questions please contact the TimeTrak team via email: support@timetrak.co.nz or phone NZ: 0800 120099 AU: 1800 6080 77