Task Order Number Field added to column chooser in Task Grid within TimeTrak Professional

August 18, 2023 Product Tips,

From version 22.2.4, the Task Order Number field (Order No) is now available for selection within the task grid via column chooser and can be dragged into the Task Grid as per below:

Allowing the Task Order Number to be easily seen within the grid

This is also available in the task grid against jobs:

And clients as per below:

This functionality provides the ability for staff to easily identify the correct task when speaking to clients as well as the ability to search tasks for the client/ job based on the order number as per below:

At a global level, tasks can be searched via the task order number from the main task grid by right clicking on the Task ID field and selecting Order No

Which will change the Task Id field to a task order number search field where users can enter the clients order number and hit enter or select the search icon

This will then open the first task with the searched order number against the task as per below: