TimeTrak Newsletter – May 2024

May 7, 2024 TimeTrak Newsletters,

Our first release for the year (24.1) is now available and includes below and much more!

TimeTrak support and upgrades have previously always been on a time and materials basis. After many requests we are pleased to offer Monthly TimeTrak support plans to all our clients. 

• A monthly fee giving you piece of mind and control over your spend 

• Priority support  

• Available for phone, email and remote access support 

• One Annual TimeTrak upgrade 

• First 30 minutes of support tasks as no charge. 

• Discounted Labour rates for Consultancy and support that goes over 30 minutes.  

If you would like further information on TimeTrak Support Plans please contact your lead TimeTrak consultant or the support team: support@timetrak.co.nz who can provide a copy of our Monthly Support Plan for review.

We are aware MYOB are discontinuing EXO Employment Services and this announcement has concerned our clients who export TimeTrak data into EXO Employment Services for processing.
TimeTrak data can import into MYOB Advanced Payroll or be formatted to meet import requirements for any payroll software.

Do you ensure that all time and stock is posted through to your ERP system at the end of every period?

One of the most common costly mistakes that can be made with TimeTrak is not ensuring that all time and stock is posted through to your ERP system at the end of a period.

It is recommended that all time and stock is posted through to the ERP system at the end of each month to ensure job profitability is correct and data is not left in TimeTrak unbilled.

For clients using TimeTrak for payroll purposes, it is recommended this process is completed at the time of processing payroll, and the previous payroll period is locked within TimeTrak, which prevents users from accidentally adding time into previous periods.

Reports on unapproved and unposted time and stock can be enabled in TimeTrak and setup to email on a scheduled basis to assist with this process.

The TimeTrak Support Team can assist with providing this data and business processes and training to prevent this occurring moving forward.

If your business has a lot of unposted data, the TimeTrak Support Team can also assist with options to deal with unposted historic unposted data. Contact us today:

Phone NZ: 0800 12 00 99 AU:1800 60 80 77 or via mail to: support@timetrak.co.nz

Ask yourself and your team this question; Are we getting the most from TimeTrak?

All businesses are looking for efficiency and productivity gains, below are 4 major reasons why it is in your business’s best interest to regularly upgrade your TimeTrak software.

It is our recommendation that clients upgrade at least once a year, for this reason an annual upgrade is included in our Monthly Support Plans to make this as easy as possible.

New versions are released on a regular basis, keeping the software relevant to current best processes and practices. 

As new versions are released new functionality can be enabled, by regularly updating you have immediate access to the enhancements and new features this version offers. 

Staying on older versions decreases the likelihood of compatibility as you update your other software systems and is likely to increase your support costs.

The TimeTrak team are constantly working to improve your end-user experience.  A new version release will provide you things like smarter functionality, greater visibility, improved process flows and speed – all of which increase your productivity and your bottom line.

Your business is forever evolving so your systems need to keep moving forward to ensure they continue to be efficient and effective.  Y

our Monthly licencing fee covers the cost of research and development of TimeTrak which results in new versions being released.

Staying on top of your updates minimises the overall cost of upgrading as moving from version to version is less complex.  Time lags between updates add complexity and increases support costs and your testing time.

If you only upgrade sporadically, there can be significant changes to how the system looks and feels.

It is far easier and more efficient for staff to learn incrementally.  Staying on top of your upgrades minimises the time required from staff to learn and adapt more easily to the changes.  

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact the friendly support team if you would like more information or a proposal to upgrade your TimeTrak platform.